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“There’s Sinai for those who leave, and Golgotha for those who stay.” What resistance means in Russia after several waves of emigration
Oleg Pshenichny

Potemkin GDP. Vladimir Milov on why Russia’s “soothing” economic indicators are not to be trusted
Vladimir Milov

New Russian heresy. Why justifying genocide in Ukraine is suicidal for Russian Orthodox Church
Sergey Chapnin

“Comrade Moskal, at Ukraine, you don’t poke fun.” Was great Russian literature imperialistic or pro-Ukrainian?
Ilya Klishin

Lessons of Sakhalin. How banking on convicts caused Russia to lose the island to Japan in 1905
Lyubov Vinogradova

“Even a genius can’t justify supporting a dictator and a murderer” – pianist Evgeny Kissin on the need to denazify Russia’s cultural figures
Evgeny Kissin

Collective security disorganization.
On Yerevan CSTO summit failure and its causesArkady Dubnov

Waves on graves: The moral dubiousness of the Qatar World Cup
Oleg Pshenichny


Putin defense. How politics split Russia’s chess community

Loss and profit. Russian funeral industry breaks records amid war

Tinkov and Abramovich vs Potanin and Durov. Who won and who lost because of war in 2022

US designates Wagner PMC as transnational criminal organization, imposes sanctions on linked entities
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